Ground Up Creations

Ground Up Creations has been such a fun business and community for our team to work on. The stories we hear and projects we see are always surprising. The joy that finished crafting projects bring is amazing. The bright colors, the adorable characters, or the beautiful accents at events and occasions have such an impact.

We also support small businesses, and play apart in medium to large businesses. The end result is a very fulfilling mission. Our plans for what Ground Up Creations can become are big, and we know we can only do that with your help. The elephant never forgets, and we'll never forget that you are our highest priority when it comes to quality and service. Stick around and find out how much we have in store for you!

Happy Crafting! - the Ground Up Creations team.


Creativity is an undervalued skill. The ability to explore ideas and push the boundaries of imagination is the difference between good and amazing when it comes to aesthetics! The Ground Up Creations crew was formed because everything can use an extra dash of color and shine to brighten things up. We've built a team that can provide quality crafting products to the many businesses and hobbyists we've gotten to know. We'd love for you to join us as we craft a future filled with joy and giving back.


The number one goal for Ground Up Creations is a community and environment that is led by you. We never forget that you are the heart of our business. Your needs and desires for how we can serve you and provide crafting products comes first. We'll continue to do our best to listen and support you along your creative journey with fun ideas, tips, and partnerships that benefit everyone.


We'd like Ground Up Creations to evolve into something amazing beyond our products. Providing opportunities to make an impact on communities and spread joy to many more people than most think is possible. Giving back is the fastest way to reach a new level of fulfillment, and we'll work hard to make that a reality.